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These Club Competition Rules pertain to the running of the Sports Sedans SA Club Championships and are supplementary to the Motorsport Australia regulations for Group 3D Sports Sedans and the General Requirements of the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport. The 3D Sports Sedan Regulations can be found here.

All members, on joining Sports Sedans SA (the Club), agree to comply with these competition rules in their entirety and must do so to be eligible for points in the Club Championships. 


The Committee of Sports Sedans SA reserves the right to, at its discretion, amend and modify these club competition rules as necessary. Any such change(s) would be undertaken with the consideration of and input from affected parties.

Club Signage

To be eligible for points in the Club Championships, each competitor must be a financial member of Sports Sedans SA and must correctly display the required Club and Sponsor Signage, including:

  • The SSASA Club Logo on both sides of the vehicle in a visible location on either front or rear quarter guards (initial pair supplied by club in either black or white background).

  • Front Windscreen Banner showing series sponsor as determined and advised by the Committee (initial banner supplied by club), 

  • Round sponsor logos as advised by the Committee above the door numbers on each side

  • Any other Club/Sponsor Logos/Banners as required and advised by the Committee


Race Numbers

Race Numbers are to be displayed on both sides of the car and on the front windscreen in accordance with the Motorsport Australia Regulations. Numbers are assigned by the club as requested upon membership on a first come first served basis. Once assigned, a race number will remain with a competitor until 18months after they cease being a financial member of the club, unless they agree to it being relinquished earlier. Race numbers assigned to members given life membership status will remain assigned to that member and will not be reassigned without their express permission.


A list of current assigned race numbers can be found here for reference.


Club Championships

The Club runs two main championships:

  • The Outright Championship (all cars); and

  • The 2Litre Championship (cars up to 2000cc)


The Club may also run additional and/or sub-championships by engine class and chassis type, subject there being a minimum number of competitors in each.


To establish engine capacity:

  • A multiplying factor of 1.7 applies to the swept capacity of forced induction engines; and

  • A multiplying factor of 1.75 applies to the swept capacity of rotary engines.


The Club Championships will consist of a number of nominated rounds as determined and scheduled by the Committee. The Committee may also organise and schedule other events as part of or separate to one or more Club Championships.

Minimum Racing Weights

All racing weights are wet weight including driver.

* For cars running multi-valve (more than 2 valves per cylinder) reciprocating engines with a swept capacity of 2501cc or greater, racing weight is +75kg as shown in brackets.

Invited Cars / Classes

In addition to Group 3D Sports Sedans, the Club may also at its discretion allow invited cars to either run with the category or participate in the club championship for points. Currently the following car class is recognised to compete for points in the Club Championship (note that this is for Club Championship purposes only and invited cars will not be recognised by Motorsport Australia/ State Series Organiser for the purposes of the Motorsport Australia State Championships):


TA2 – Club Class 1D

  • Required to comply with Trans Am (TA2) Series Technical Regulations.

  • Must run Trans Am Series Control Tyre and Fuel Specs.

  • Minimum Racing Weight as above applies


Points and Awards

During a round, the following points will be awarded each race to determine the overall Round Placings:

For rounds that consist of 5 or more races, the lowest race score for each competitor is "dropped" when calculating overall round placings.


To be eligible for points in a race a competitor must:

  • Be a classified as a finisher as per the official race results; or

  • If classified as a DNF, have completed a minimum of 75% of the race distance (rounded up to nearest whole lap).

For example, in a race of 10 cars over 10 laps, two cars "DNF". The first car DNFs on lap 3 (completing 2 laps = 20% race distance) and therefore does not receive any club championship points for that race. The second car DNFs on lap 9 (completing 8 laps = 80% race distance) and therefore receives club championship points for a 9th place finish for that race. 

Based on the Round Placings, Championship Points will be allocated (for both Outright and 2 Litre Championships) as follows:


For Championship seasons that consist of 4 or more rounds, the lowest round scored for each competitor is "dropped" when calculating the overall Championship Results.

At each round, Sponsor or Club funded podium places may be awarded for both the Outright and 2Litre Championships. To be eligible for a podium place a competitor must be a financial member of SSASA, have displayed the correct signage during the event and attend the club presentation after the last race, unless prior advice has been given of extenuating circumstances. The number of trophies, if awarded at a round, will be one less the number of competitors for each championship at that round, to a maximum of 3rd place.

At the end of each year Club Champions will be announced for the Outright and 2Litre Championships based on total points accumulated throughout the year, subject to there being a minimum of three (3) competitors scoring points during the year in that championship.  


Trophies for end of year Club Championship positions will be based on one less the number of competitors in each championship that have started a minimum of 50% of the races for the year, to a maximum of 3rd place. Positions may also be awarded for sub classes (engine capacity and chassis type) subject to the number of competitors in each. 

If two or more competitors are tied for points at the end of a round or at the end of a championship year, their relative finishing positions in Club Championship races will be determined by count back as follows:

  • Highest number of 1st place finishes (excluding drop races); then

  • Highest number of 2nd place finishes (excluding drop races); then

  • Highest number of 3rd place finishes (excluding drop races); then

  • Qualifying position for the round or average qualifying position for the year; then

  • Whomever achieved the points total first. 

Floorpan Chassis

For the purpose of the Club Championships, a car will be defined as a Floorpan car in accordance with the Sports Sedan 3D regulations, with the additional requirement that the engine must be located within the engine bay, forward of the original firewall location.

Some leeway will be given to cars that have had part Floorpan / sheet metal modifications or replacements due to damage or deterioration, as to whether to be considered a flat floor modification or still regarded as a Floorpan. This will be determined by the Club Committee.

Race Meeting Audits

All cars may be subject to a club-initiated audit at any stage during a race meeting. These may be in addition to and do not substitute for any audit that may be undertaken by the event organiser(s), Motorsport Australia or their representatives or delegates. They are for Club Championship purposes only


Cars MUST be made available at any stage during the race meeting from the start of documentation to 30 mins after the conclusion of the last race for any such audit.


Lap Records

The Club will keep a register of Sports Sedan Lap Records for all tracks in South Australia used as part of the Club Championship.

  • Records will be kept for Outright and 2Litre lap records for cars complying with Sports Sedan 3D regulations.

  • Club lap records will also be kept for classes, excluding invited.


For a Lap Record to stand it must be a lap that was completed during race conditions (excludes qualifying) and run in accordance with the Motorsport Australia 3D regulations and, for Club Class records, these Club Competition Rules also.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to inform the Club if they believe a Lap Record has been set/broken.

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