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9 March 2024

Mallala Motorsport Park

(State Series Rd2)


31 May - 2 June 2024

The Bend - West Circuit

(National Sports Sedans Shannons Speed Series)


3 - 4 August 2024

Mallala Motorsport Park

(State Series Rd6)


22 - 24 November 2024

The Bend - GT Circuit

(State Series Rd8)


What is a Sports Sedan?

Sports sedans are full bodied race cars (tin tops) with significant modification freedoms in relation to almost all aspects of the vehicle.

What cars are suitable?

If you have a car that is based on a sedan, has a hardtop roof, was available in Australia or at least 5000 were manufactured worldwide then it can be raced as a Sports Sedan. Some cars are highly modified space frame based cars, some are hotted up standard chassis cars and some are a mixture of both. There are a wide variety of car makes, shapes and sizes.


Which engine can I use?

You can use whatever engine you want ! so long as it is 6000cc or less in capacity and you can fit it into your car without breaking the sports sedan regulations, which almost means you can run anything in anything.  The engine you choose will determine the division and class you compete in within the Club and will also determine your minimum racing weight. You can also run forced induction but your capacity is then multiplied by 1.7 and the 6000cc limit in total still applies. 


How do the championships and classes work?

The Club runs two main championships: 

  • The Outright Championship (all cars); and

  • The 2Litre Championship (cars up to 2000cc)


The Club also runs sub-championships by engine capacity and also by chassis type, subject there being a minimum number of competitors in each.


To establish engine capacity: 

  • A multiplying factor of 1.7 applies to the swept capacity of forced induction engines; and

  • A multiplying factor of 1.75 applies to the swept capacity of rotary engines.


There are also class brackets within each division based on engine capacity and these determine your minimum racing weight. 

Cars are also separated as being either Open (Tube Frame) or Floorpan (Floorpan Chassis) depending on the level and extent of modifications undertaken.

You can find out more in the Club Competition Rules.

Get Involved!

Our motto is Race Hard, Race Fair and Support your Competitors to do the Same.

We are always looking to help new members get to their first race meeting, and once there, get the most out of it. Feel free to ask any of the competitors or committee members for help if you need it, they will be happy to help you out with advice or tips, as someone once did for them.

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1. Michael Bartsch      

2. Steven Engelhardt  

3. Scott Clements  



60 pts

52 pts

45 pts


1. Scott Clements      

2. David McKiggan



60 pts

52 pts

Full Championship Points Here

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